Politics 08-11-2018

Trump aims to eliminate citizenship to children of immigrants

The US president, Donald Trump, intends to snatch the citizenship of newborns from an undocumented mother in the United States.

This proposal generated endless criticism and also caused scandal among the Hispanic community.

Donald Trump's promise to end the right to citizenship for the children of undocumented and unauthorized immigrants born in US territory sank the president in severe criticism and raised a wave of scandal when his words said in an interview for a program television of HBO. The reactions were swift.

Trump did not say when he would sign the decree, and some of his earlier promises to use the executive action have not been met. But whether the president goes ahead with his threat or not, the problem is that the fear of immigrants does not let them sleep.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) rejected Trump's proposal and argued that "The president can not erase the Constitution with a decree, and the guarantee of citizenship of Amendment 14 is clear." It should be noted that other Republicans support this scandalous proposal.


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