Política 21-06-2017

Trump announces “complete cancellation” of the agreements with Cuba

With his harshest rhetoric to speak of Cuba to date, President Donald Trump announced on Friday what he considers a "complete cancellation of the bad agreement with the Cuban regime," before an enthusiastic Cuban-American audience gathered at the hot Manuel Artime Theater in Miami.

"For nearly 60 years the Cuban people have suffered from communist domination, it is ruled by those who killed thousands of their own citizens. The Castro regime has sent arms to North Korea and supported repression in Venezuela", Trump said during a speech interrupted by applause and shouts of "Viva Trump."

"We know what is happening and we remember what happened" he said.

Trump challenged the Cuban government "to sit down at the table to negotiate a better agreement for the Cuban people, the American people and Cuban-Americans" and he warned them that it would not eliminate sanctions if the government did not meet the conditions outlined in the Helms- Burton.

"Put an end to the abuse of dissidents, release political prisoners, open up to greater political freedoms," he said. In a tougher tone he assured that the government of Raúl Castro must cease the policy of granting refuge to those who flee from the American justice. "They have no choice but to do it" he said.

Many members of the 2506 Brigade were in the audience. "The important thing is that the Brigade broke its 55 years of being neutral to unanimously support President Trump and that he thanked us. And today I think it will do it again”, said the deputy director of public relations of the Brigade, Vicente Blanco Capote.

El Nuevo Herald