Política 30-06-2017

Trump celebrates the great energy wealth of the United States.

US President Donald Trump said this week that he is raising an Obama-era policy that cut funding for coal-fired power plants abroad in its attempt to reorient the US government outside the fight against Climate change and towards America "predominance of energy"

"We are now at the cusp of a true energy revolution" Trump told a crowd of executives, lobbyists and workers at the Energy Department. "We are an oil producer and number one natural gas producer." We have a lot more than we ever thought possible. We are really in the driver's seat"

He said he is celebrating growing energy exports from the United States says they are giving rise to "millions and millions of jobs" and acting as a force for peace around the world. After decades of dependence on foreign oil, the US is about to become a net exporter of energy resources.

As part of the White House declared "Energy Week," Trump highlighted the growing energy production of the United States and the reversals of environmental regulations issued under the mandate of former President Barack Obama. Instead of the main political announcements, Trump emphasized how the regulation cut and stimulate domestic producers of fossil fuels will help the US economy and benefit the United States foreign policy.

He detailed the previous steps he has taken to lift regulations reducing domestic energy production, including the move to rescind rules of strangling greenhouse gases from power plants. He is also pulling the US outside the Paris monument climate agreement, in which nearly 200 countries pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

It also announced a comprehensive review of nuclear energy policy, which could lead to an inter-agency assessment of how to address some of the industry's biggest challenges, including the storage of spent radioactive waste and compete against the low cost of natural gas and wind power.

He described new offers directed to the United States to ship liquefied natural gas to customers in Asia. For example, Energy Transfer Partners and Royal Dutch Shell Plc on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate collaborating on a project to export liquefied natural gas in Louisiana. Trump also touts the decision of Sempra Energy to sign an agreement to start negotiations on the sale of liquefied natural gas more to South Korea.

He also described US coal exports from Ukraine, where power plants are built to support anthracite mined in highly conflictive areas. Coal exports to Ukraine "will have more to do with keeping our allies free and building their confidence in us than anything I have seen," said Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

In the election campaign and in the White House, Trump has repeatedly promised to put US Coal miners back to work. Vice President Mike Pence said coal mines are already reopening.

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