Analysis 26-12-2018

Trump conditions the opening of the Government to finance its wall

Trump conditions the opening of the US Government to the financing for the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

"I can not tell you when the government will open. I can tell you that it will not open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever you want to call it, "US President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday.

Before a group of reporters who were in the Oval Office to cover the telephone call with members of the US Armed Forces abroad, Trump again attacked the immigrants , whom he labeled as "bad people".

"It's a barrier against the people who come to our country. It is a barrier against drugs. There is a problem called trafficking in people, we are not going to let that happen, "he added, defending once again his idea of building a wall between Mexico and the United States.

Since December 21, the US federal government is in a situation of partial closure in the absence of a budget agreement, which shows the deep tension between the White House and the Capitol.

The US president insists that Congress must include $ 5 billion in the budget for the wall with Mexico, but, so far, he is only willing to allocate $ 1.3 billion to border security.

Even so, the Republican president remained firm in his demand and predicted on Tuesday that the 550 miles (880 kilometers) of the aforementioned wall will be built and completed before the 2020 presidential elections.

For their part, the Democrats in the US Senate, whose votes have impeded the approval of Trump's demand , demand that the president abandon his idea of a border wall with Mexico to reopen the government.


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