Politics 28-11-2018

Trump contemplates a 'plan B' if Congress refuses to give money for the wall with Mexico

"We desperately need a wall," says the US president. "It has been demonstrated better than ever in the last two weeks," he says.

US President Donald Trump has announced that he contemplates an alternative plan in the event that Congress rejects his $ 5 billion request for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

"We need the votes of the Democrats to have a wall," Trump said in an interview with The Washington Post . "Now, if we do not get it, will I do it differently? I could do it another way ." There are other potential ways to do it. You have already seen what we did with the military, the barbed wire, the fences and various other things. "warned the president.

In the same interview, the president continued insisting that his country "desperately needs a wall." "I think this has been demonstrated better than ever in the last two weeks," he said.

In recent weeks, Washington has deployed about 5,800 soldiers on the US-Mexican border and installed almost 20 kilometers of barbed wire before the arrival of the caravan of Central American migrants. In addition, US police have fired tear gas at some 500 people trying to cross the border, including minors, which has led to criticism of Trump.

For its part, the tenant of the White House has defended the action of the agents and criticized the members of the caravan of Central American migrants who put their children at risk while trying to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. The American president affirms that the tear gas used is "very safe".


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