Política 26-11-2018

Trump increases pressure on Macron by evoking protests in France

US President Donald Trump points to the protests in France to put more pressure on his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and the European Union (EU).

In a message posted Sunday on his Twitter account, the US president said he is following closely the recent demonstrations in France and refrained from showing sympathy for Macron.

"The large and violent demonstrations in France do not take into account how badly the United States has been treated in trade matters by the European Union or in fair and reasonable payments for our GREAT military protection. These two issues must be remedied soon, "Trump wrote.

On Saturday, the Champs Elysees, in the French capital, Paris, were the scene of a massive protest by the "yellow vests" to denounce the rise in fuel prices, the loss of purchasing power and demand the resignation of Macron.

Macron, meanwhile, criticized those who staged acts of violence during the protests, whichresulted in 130 detainees and 24 injuredthroughout the country. "Shame on those who violated other citizens and journalists. There is no place for this violence in the Republic," said the French president in a tweet.

Recently, tensions between Trump and Macron have increased due to the proposal of the French president to create a European army in order to defend Europe without relying on the US, among others.

In another tweet published the same day, the Republican tycoon accused the EU of taking advantage of the US for many years. in the trade and to breach its military commitment through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Given this situation, Trump called on the community bloc to pay the "fair share" for military protection. "Things must change quickly," he insisted.

In previous statements, Macron rejected that Europe increases its budget to buy American armsand insisted that "the Twenty-eight should not leave their safety in the hands of the US"