Politics 16-04-2018

"Trump is morally incapable of governing": the extraordinary attack against the US president from former FBI Director James Comey

Almost a year after being fired by Donald Trump the former director of the FBI finally offered an interview on Sunday to talk about his "distressing" four months of work with the current president and the changes that occurred in the White House since January 2017.

And the conversation with the American television network ABC did not have half measures.

Comey assured that "Trump is morally incapacitated" for the position and that "he is someone for whom the truth does not have a high value".

In the interview the former head of the FBI described the president as "a serial liar" who treated women as "flesh" and described it as a "stain" for everyone who worked for him.

After the interview was broadcast Trump's party through the Republican National Committee issued a statement in which he maintains that Comey's publicity tour for his new book showed that "his true allegiance was to himself."

But Trump's answers appeared even before the interview was broadcast.

After the announcement of the publication of the book, the president called Comey a "liar" and "filtering" and after the publication on Saturday of an advance of the interview, Trump tweets on Sunday rose even more tone.

"The slippery James Comey a man who always ends badly and out of control (he's not smart) Will go through much as the worst FBI director in history.

Trump considered that the assertions of Comey are false as well as the notes on their exchanges that were the basis of the book.

The former head of the FBI says that when he worked with Trump he wrote several memoranda about his conversations with the presidentincluding one that says he asked for loyalty to the investigations into Russia's intervention in the 2016 elections.


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