Politics 08-11-2018

Trump reiterates request for funds to build border Wall

The president of the USA He assured that it is indispensable that the funds necessary for the construction of the border wall with Mexico be approved.

During a press conference at the White House,the president of the United States ( USA ), Donald Trump,insisted on the need to obtain the funds to achieve the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

The USpresident reiterated his desire for the border wall tobe built completely and not only by "parties." "We need the money to build the wall, the entire wall, not parts of it," he toldthe media.

However, the Democrats,now in control of the House of Representatives , could be an obstacle to the construction of the wall , since they have criticized the project on several occasions.

Given this possibility President Trump said that " Democrats know we need the wall " so he did not rule out joint work to get the necessary funds and achieve the construction of the border fence.

On the other hand, the president expressed the possibility of "paralyzing the Government" if the Democrats try to open an investigation against him. "If that happens, we will do the same with the Democrats from the Senate, and the Government will be paralyzed, and I will blame them," he warned.

Mexico rules out funding for the wall

Given the statements of PresidentTrump , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico , Luis Videgaray said the House of Representatives denied the resources to carry out the construction of the wall .

"A House of Representatives with a Democratic majority , will hardly distract resources from other issues to finance that project." so in his opinion "it is unlikely that the financing they need will be found," said the Mexican foreign minister.


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