Politics 05-11-2018

'Trump would not think of attacking Venezuela if it lost elections in the US'

Venezuelan politician Jose Vicente Rangel questions the possibility of an attack on Venezuela if Trump fails in the legislative elections on November 6.

"A defeat by (US President Donald) Trump in that scenario wouldparalyze many actions, including armed intervention in Venezuela," said the Venezuelan journalist on his television program José Vicente Hoy on Sunday .

The former vice president of the South American country argues that as the national right no longer has operational capacity in Venezuela, the White House can not count on the help of the opposition to materialize its objectives against the Venezuelan nation.

He considered that the power of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), which has modern equipment, is also a preventive factor in the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

"Another curious fact is that there are US military intelligence agencies and officials of his embassy in Caracas (Venezuelan capital), engaged in the intense task of investigating the military power that Venezuela has," he added.

Rangel highlighted the unity exhibited by Venezuelans when rejecting the possibility of a military option in their national territory to resolve the crisis that Venezuela is going through.

The relationship between Caracas and Washington is experiencing very tense moments due to thesanctions imposed by the United States. and the recent revelations of an American newspaper about a plot by his country to intervene in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan authorities affirm that the United States is behind the"attempted assassination" against Maduro that occurred on August 4, and that, in addition, it hasmilitary plans for Venezuelaand seeks to seize its vast oil reserves.


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