Economy 07-11-2017

Two ministers of Macri committed with tax havens

Luis Caputo and Juan José Aranguren appear in an investigation on the financial markets. In addition, the owner of Energy is accused of violating the Public Ethics Law.

Mauricio Macri's government is once again splashed by a filtering scandal over tax havens, as has happened with the Panama Papers, and this time the protagonists are Luis Caputo, Minister of Finance, and Juan José Aranguren, Minister of Energy.

In the last hours more data of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists were known about the Paradise Papers and there are the two sexist officials with accounts and financial activity in tax havens.

Juan José Aranguren is indicated by alleged operations in those transactions when he was a director of Shell and that he participated in 13 million dollar contracts with the Argentine State and in one of them the agreement was for 150 million dollars.

In addition, the Minister of Energy is investigated since he took office for violating the Public Ethics Law, which indicates that you must wait at least three years to assume a position in the State after holding a management position in companies hired by the administration state.

For his part, Luis Caputo has a greater role in filtering, for his activity in different financial companies, with offshore accounts and as administrator of a network of companies in tax havens.

The official explained that he resigned all these companies when he assumed his current position, stressed that he has no relationship with these funds or any of its shareholders.

"There is no conflict of interest, today I disadvantage my former partners, instead of favoring them," he said.


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