Politics 17-10-2018

UN-DH expresses concern for 3.000 Honduran migrants marching to the US

The Offices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN-DH) in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, expressed their concern about the situation of 3,000 people that make up the so-called Caravan Migrants that heads towards USA.

The caravan "made up of more than 3,000 Hondurans, including people in a special situation of vulnerability, including girls, boys, women and the elderly, who since October 13, 2018 have been traveling through Central America with the intention of reaching Mexico and the United States of America, flee from violence, poverty and the difficulties to access their human rights, "said in a joint statement the offices of the agency headed by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

According to data from Honduras, the caravan is made up of 1,300 people who began crossing the border on Monday to Guatemala and the government called the members of the march to desist from reaching the US because the call is a hoax with false promises of visa.

Faced with the significant challenges posed by this massive displacement of people seeking to cross the Mexican border and its territory to the US, as well as the mixed nature of migration flows in the region, "UN-DH reiterates international obligations in the field of human rights of the countries of origin, transit and destination ".

In addition, the world body called on the States of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico to "protect the integrity and guarantee the safety of migrants and persons subject to international protection."

"All migrants, irrespective of their immigration status or irregular situation, or the way they arrive at the border, where they come from, have the right to enjoy their human rights and the states have the obligation to guarantee their effective compliance," The UN said citing the norms recommended by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on migrants, refugees, and internally displaced persons.

States must also "ensure, at international borders, their capacities to identify protection needs, prevent reimbursement and ensure access to international protection procedures that correspond at the borders.

Mexico warned that it will impede the passage of those who do not comply with the legal requirements to enter the country, and US President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw aid to Honduras if the caravan reaches US territory.

UN calls on governments to avoid using force

UN-DH also urged the authorities of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico to continue coordinating efforts to guarantee "respect for the dignity and human rights" of migrants, and to avoid the use of force.

The world body also recalls "the duty to respect the principle of exceptional use of force and detention and ensure a human rights approach in the care of the migrant population" and reiterates to the authorities its willingness to provide advice to implement international standards "applicable to people in the context of mobility and ensure their access to basic services, humanitarian assistance and mechanisms to protect their rights without any discrimination".

Organizations asked the Government of Mexico to understand the causes that forced the more than 1,300 original migrants who joined others to reach 3,000 with "tolerance and humanitarian compassion," said Tuesday Sputnik María García Hernández, leader of the organization Migrantes Aztlán that supports the caravan.

"It would be inhuman not to understand that these people prefer to go through risks, to die of hunger or violence in their countries, that is why migrant aid organizations ask the Mexican government for tolerance and humanitarian compassion," said the spokeswoman for the binational organization. with headquarters in Mexico City and the US city of Chicago, state of Illinois (northeast).

A network of migrant aid organizations was activated to attend the actions of the Mexican authorities that will prevent the march to the march.


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