Politics 07-11-2018

Uruguayans claim occupation of US military deployment in their country

A Uruguayan deputy denounced that the US It intends to install a military base in Uruguay to guarantee security of the G20 summit, which is being held in Argentina.

In an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik , deputy Eduardo Rubio, from the Popular Unity party (left), declared on Tuesday that the US seeks to deploy eight aircraft and 400 troops, including agents of secret services, claiming to raise the security of the G20 summit (Group of the twenty industrialized and emerging countries of the world), which is organized on November 30 in Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina ).

"The truth is that it does not seem good for Uruguay to transform us into a base of military operations of US imperialism. Nor does it seem good to transform Uruguay into a target: if they come with so much military power, it is because there is a problem. We are in the middle of the problem, without being part of that, "said Rubio.

Taking into account the "non-participation of Uruguay" at the summit, the legislator said that the US president, Donald Trump, instead of using Uruguay as a base of operations of the US Army, should establish such base in Argentina , site of the G20 meeting.

According to reports, three Uruguayan capitals, three KC 135 fuel cargo aircraft, two transport aircraft and three Awacs (aerial radar) will arrive in Montevideo to provide "logistical support and security" to the delegation headed by President Trump.

This new announcement also received criticism from the legislators of the center-right National Party (PN) who have warned of deficiencies in the drafting of the law that could potentially threaten the sovereignty of the country.

The president of the Senate Defense Committee, Javier García, told the local newspaperEl Observador that he warned about threats to grant a generic permit.


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