Política 12-09-2018

US advises skepticism on reports of Russian ties and sonic attacks in Cuba

The State Department (US Department of State) said it would be reasonable to take skeptical reports that the US government believes Russia is behind the attacks on its diplomats in Cuba, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement. Press conference.

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"I would recommend that you be skeptical of those statements by officials at this time. As you may know, the investigation continues on the causes of what we qualify as attacks on the health of our State Department employees who have been working in Cuba, "Nauert told reporters.

Earlier, three US intelligence officials and two other people who were informed of the investigation told NBC News that the evidence of intercepted communications indicates that Russia is likely to be responsible for the attacks.

However, the report added that the evidence is not conclusive enough for Washington to formally accuse Moscow of the incidents.

Nauert added that at this moment the cause of the "attacks on health" is not known and no individual or group has been identified as responsible.

In August of 2017, the State Department said that more than 20 of its diplomats working in the embassy in Cuba were affected by an incident that involved a mysterious audio device.

Some of the officials suffered permanent hearing loss and possible neurological injuries due to a sonic weapon.

In July, media reported that a diplomat from the US consulate in the Chinese city of Guangzhou (south) complained about "abnormal" sounds and pressure, an incident that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said was very similar and consistent with medical evidence of what happened in Cuba.