Política 13-09-2018

US aircraft escort Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS near Alaska

The Russian aircraft carried out scheduled flights in the framework of the Vostok-2018 military exercises.

Two US F-22 Raptor fighters escorted two Russian strategic Tu-95MS bombers that were making scheduled flights near the state of Alaska.

According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the bombers were accompanied by two Su-35 fighters . It is reported that the American pilots accompanied the Tu-95MS until they left the air defense identification zone.

The incident occurred at 3:00 UTC on September 12, and it is specified that Russian aircraft did not violate US airspace. nor of Canada.

The Russian Ministry of Defense explained on its Twitter page that the Tu-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out scheduled flights on Tuesday in the framework of the large-scale maneuvers Vostok-2018and overflew the neutral waters of the Barents seas. Chukotka, from Eastern Siberia and the Arctic Ocean.