Economy 13-06-2018

US announces millionaire tariffs against Chinese products

As another measure of the commercial war waged by the United States. against the world economy Washington announced alleged restrictions against Chinese imports.

The US Department of Commerce warned on Tuesday that it has adopted another trade measure against Chinese imports this time accusing manufacturers of propane steel tanks of dumping and unfair subsidies.

The US Administration chaired by President Donald Trump, has announced the tax of the impending tariff of 25% to 50 billion dollars in goods from China amid complaints against Washington's fiscal policies.

The US authorities point out that China is selling at a loss (dumping) and unfairly subsidizing the steel cylinders which allegedly reach the US market. at a lower cost and according to them they create an unfair competition with local companies, including two that filed an appeal with the Department of Commerce.

According to the lawsuit, Beijing, in response to Trump's measures subsidizes the production of the tanks by 55% to 109% through a variety of programs including taxes, subsidies and export credits for close to 90 million dollars.

USA seeks to enact new series of antidumping sanctions to match prices with those of its competitors in the United States.

The tenant of the White House announced in early March the adoption of tariff measures for imports of steel and aluminum from any country in the world that is thus entering a prominent economic war with its trading partners.

In reaction to this member countries of the European Union (EU) that have greater share in the US economy threatened on June 1 withadditional tariffs applied to several products imported from the US giant.


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