World 19-12-2018

US announces withdrawal of its military from Syria

The Government of the United States has announced on Wednesday the beginning of the complete withdrawal of its troops from the Syrian territory.

"We have begun to bring home the US troops, while we move on to the next phase of this campaign," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Quoting a person with knowledge of the deliberations, the British news agency Reuters has published that the US is considering withdrawing all its troops from the Arab country "after the reduction of the controlled territories" by the Takfiri terrorist group ISIL ( Daesh , in Arabic).

Also Wednesday, the New York newspaper The Wall Street Journal cites sources that say that the US Army has informed the troops it has deployed in northeastern Syria of plans to leave the area completely.

For its part, the portal of the television network CNN and the Fox News chain have announced that there are preparations "underway" for the "immediate" and "complete" departure of the US forces from Syria . The decision would have been made by the US president, Donald Trump , is stated in the news transmitted.

"We defeated ISIL ( Daesh , in Arabic) in Syria , my only reason to be there during the Trump Presidency," the president said in his Twitter account, without going into more details.

The Syrian authorities have repeatedly protested the presence in their territory of US forces , specifically in Al-Tanf (east), and have asserted that Washington has created a "black hole" in order to stop the advance of the Syrian Army in front of to the terrorists .

In December of last year it was revealed that Washington had used its Al-Tanf base to train hundreds of Daesh members in order to create new factions fighting against the Syrian government.

The withdrawal has now been announced at the same time that Turkey is preparing to launch a new cross-border offensive against the Kurdish militias supported by the US. in Syria .


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