World 27-11-2018

US donates funds for recovery of ancient Inca settlement in Peru

The US donated 168,400 soles ($ 51,000) to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture for the recovery of the archaeological remains of the Huánuco Pampa Inca settlement, located in the department of Huánuco (center), the official newspaper El Peruano reported.

"Accept the donation made by the Ambassador Fund for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Peru of the Government of the United States of America in favor of the Ministry of Culture, for a total of 168,400 soles, to promote conservation intervention in the archaeological zone Huánuco Pampa ", communicates in a resolution published in the official media.

Huánuco Pampa is an Inca settlement with an area of 2 square kilometers and located more than 3,000 meters high.

Currently semi-abandoned, it is believed that in the sixteenth century it served as the administrative center of the Inca Empire.

In 1539, four years after the Spanish conquest, it was wanted to found there the current city of Huánuco, which later moved to an area with a more temperate climate.


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