Economía 19-08-2017

US 'hits first' in potential trade dispute with China

While everyone is watching the situation on the Korean peninsula, US President Donald Trump has taken the first step towards a possible trade war with Beijing, says Russian journalist Piotr Akpopov.

On August 14, Donald Trump signed the memorandum authorizing the US trade representative in China to conduct an investigation into the alleged intellectual property theft of the United States.

Washington considers that Chinese authorities force American companies working in the Asian country to share intellectual information and, if they refuse, they force them to close their businesses, suggests the columnist in an article published in the Russian newspaper Vzglyad.

For its part, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has already reacted to the signing of this document.

"If US does not act prudently, be unrespectful of the rules of multilateral trade or resort to measures aimed at undermining economic-trade relations, China will not stand by and apply all measures of response to its Reach, "they said.

From the beginning of his election campaign, Trump insisted that trade with China did not benefit the US. The politician promised to correct this situation in every possible way.

Nevertheless, after being chosen, Trump did not launch to the attack of China. On the contrary, the US president tried to reach agreement with Beijing using the North Korean problem, says Akpopov.

According to the journalist, the last six months of tensions and speculations about the North Korean problem did not put China in an embarrassing situation.

"Beijing is a perfect match between the game with Korea and its trade discrepancies and urges Trump not to mix them in. For its part, the US official stated openly that if China did not help tame North Korea, Beijing would not enjoy good terms in its trade relations with Washington, "he wrote.

Now, the White House has to force China to buy more US goods and locate US industrial production back in US territory. The objective of this measure would be to fulfill the electoral promise of increasing the investments in the economy of the North American country.