Economy 31-05-2018

US opens trade war with tariffs on the EU, Canada and Mexico

The US Department of Commerce today announced the suspension of the exemption from the importation of steel and aluminum tariffs from the European Union Canada and Mexico a decision that will trigger commercial tensions and retaliate its partners.

"We have decided not to extend the exemption for EU Canada and Mexico so they will be subject to the 25% and 10% tariffs" on steel and aluminum "said Wilbur Ross US Commerce Secretary in a conference call with journalists hours before the deadline to make a decision about it.

The EC will bring US tariffs to the WTO and impose rebalancing measures

The European Commission will denounce tomorrow to the United States before the World Trade Organization for tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum that will be applied to the European Union in addition to imposing "rebalancing measures" to protect your industry. "The United States leaves us no other option than to proceed with a dispute settlement case before the WTO and with the imposition of additional tariffs on a series of US imports" announced the EC President Jean-Claude Juncker in a release.


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