Mundo 15-07-2017

U.S. prepares a hard blow to Nord Stream 2 and the Turk Stream

Washington is preparing to deliver a hard blow to the Turk Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which threatens to wipe out these ambitious Russian projects.

Recently, Turkey reached an agreement with the Russian company Gazprom on funding for the construction of the Turk Stream in its territory.

At the same time, the Executive of the Turkish company Вotas, Burhan Özcan, communicated during the celebration of the 22 ° world's Petroleum Congress that the process involving the receipt of permits for the construction of the second section of the pipeline goes well and without any obstacles.

However, Gazprom, they fear new sanctions package prepared by the us able to finish construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 and Turk Stream plans.

The new Bill provides grant the right to the U.S. President to impose sanctions against individuals and companies that invest more than one million dollars in a single blow and more than five million during the year in the construction of pipelines carried out by Russia.

In addition, the new package of sanctions will prohibit providing equipment, technologies and services to Russian companies which carry out projects of this nature.