Política 26-09-2017

​"US seeks excuses to hide its activities in Alaska and Hawaii"

On September 26, The Wall Street Journal reported that the US government plans to restrict Russian military aircraft flights over US territory under the Open Skies Treaty.

According to the expert, the US seeks to hide its activities in the air defense base in Alaska, where the project Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), supposedly aimed at devising climate weapons, and in the polygon in Hawaii where tests of antiaircraft systems are carried out.

Korovin noted that before "no one doubted" that the Open Skies Treaty “was more beneficial to the United States" which it was used to control Russian arms, however, Washington today prefers to keep secret "a range of issues."

According to the US newspaper, a restriction on Russian observation flights would be a US response to Moscow's limitations on inspection flights over Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave in the Baltic Sea region.