World 29-11-2018

USA sends two ships to the Taiwan Strait on the eve of the G-20

From Beijing they protested at the growing presence of the US Navy in the area disputed by China.

Two ships of the US Navy They sailed this Wednesday through the Taiwan Strait with few days left for the meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in the framework of the G-20 Summit, which will begin on November 30 in Argentina, where it is expected that both leaders discuss the tense bilateral economic relations,reportsReuters.

Theguided missile destroyer USS Stockdale(DDG-106) together with thelogistic supply ship USNS Pecos(T-AO-197) plowed these waters -whose sovereignty is disputed by China- in the morning hours, entering from the northeast to then leave the strait at the opposite end towards the end of the day. Despite the protests in Beijing, this is the third time that Washington has sent its warships to the area so far this year.

These maneuvers "demonstrate US commitment to afree and open Indo-Pacific ," said Rachel McMarr, spokeswoman for the US Pacific Fleet. He added that "the US Navy will continue flying, navigating and operating wherever international law permits." In turn, Taiwan authorities claimed to have monitored the passage of US ships, calling it "normal transit through international waters."

While from Beijing already expressed concern about the passage of American warships through the strait. "We urge the US to treat the issue of Taiwan with caution and in an appropriate manner" to " avoid damaging the peace and stabilityof the Taiwan Strait and Sino-US relations," said Geng Shuang, spokesman for the Ministry on Tuesday. of Foreign of the Asian country.

The first occasion of 2018 in which US warships entered the strait took place in July, after a break of about a year. Since then, Washington hasincreased the frequency of this type of mission .

"The question of Taiwan concerns the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China," so "it is the most important and sensitive issue in China-US relations,"saidHua Chunying, another representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese last October, after another shipment of US Navy ships to the Taiwan Strait.


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