Economía 09-10-2017

Venezuela and Russia agree to make oil transactions in rubles

The Venezuelan government agreed the use of rubles with Russia said Sunday. According to Venezuela, during the meeting with Russia last week agreed with the president of that country Vladimir Putin, facilitate new mechanisms for transportation and sale of Venezuelan crude, including its marketing in rubles; as well as financial facilities for the country and the scheme of a basket of currencies for the international reserves of Venezuela that includes the Russian exchange rate.

"We discussed the issue of the basket of currencies that we are implementing in Venezuela, where we have included the ruble, Russian currency, to trade commercial activities in our country." This policy was implemented by the national government after the economic sanctions imposed by the United States, according to the World Economy and Business.

Rubles may improve the economy

In addition to the implementation of the rubles to improve the Venezuelan economy, Russia has rejected the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States, asserting that this measure of the US Government represents for Venezuela an opportunity to initiate structural changes in its economy. "I am honored by the attacks of imperialism, because it means that we are on the right track, something good we are doing,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said.

He said that his Russian counterpart expressed his full support for the economic and commercial development of Venezuela. "Putin expressed his full support for the stabilization process in Venezuela, in rejection of US sanctions against our people. He was clear, of course, in public statements and private meetings, in his rejection of US sanctions and his support of Venezuela" he said.

Maduro added that Vladimir Putin ordered to increase the investments of the Russian Federation's oil and gas companies operating in Venezuela, following the private meeting held this week in Moscow.

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