Politics 08-12-2018

Venezuela attacks the "Lima Cartel" for its hostility

Venezuela lashes out at what it calls the "Lima Cartel," after Peru's proposal to break diplomatic relations with Caracas.

In a message delivered Saturday on his Twitter account, the head of the Venezuelan Diplomacy, Jorge Arreaza, in response to the proposal of "breaking diplomatic relations with Venezuela," has lashed out against the governments of the Lima Group, reminding them of the well-documented links of its authorities with corruption, drug trafficking and paramilitarism, among other crimes.

"Cartel (group) of Lima: some governments linked to drug trafficking / paramilitarism; others so corrupt that their presidents are imprisoned ; many presidents investigated today; some violate the rights of indigenous peoples and DD.HH ; others delivered to neoliberalism with devotion, "writes Arreaza in a clear denunciation.

Peru's Foreign Minister proposed on Friday to the Group of Lima "the rupture of diplomatic relations with Venezuela" and urged the application of a series of immigration, political and financial measures against the Government of Maduro, that on January 10 begins a second presidential term (2019-2025).

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister also criticized the silence that the member states of the Lima Group maintained in the face of the assassination attempt against the president of the Bolivarian country , Nicolás Maduro, on August 4, and the support they showed to the authors of the failed attack.

The Lima Group, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Canada, Saint Lucia and Guyana, was established in August 2017 in Peru with the supposed objective to follow up and look for an exit to the crisis in Venezuela. Caracas, however, accuses said group of intervening in its internal affairs and trying to overthrow the Maduro Government.

The countries of the Lima Group announced in May that they did not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Venezuela, of which Nicolás Maduro won.


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