Analysis 21-12-2018

Venezuela expels the Colombian vice-consul in a reciprocal measure

Venezuela expelled the Colombian vice-consul, Juan Carlos Pérez Villamizar, in response to the expulsion of an employee of the Venezuelan embassy in Colombia.

"Given the arbitrary measure of kidnapping and expulsion by the Colombian authorities of the Venezuelan citizen Carlos Pino, an official of our embassy in Bogota, we announced the expulsion of Juan Carlos Pérez Villamizar, a non-accredited Colombian consular official," the minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, through a statement posted on his Twitter account .

The Venezuelan decision has been taken for not having accreditation, after knowing the decision of Colombia to expel Carlos Pino, employee of the embassy of this nation in Bogota (Colombian capital) for the same reason.

"The presence in the national territory of Mr. Carlos Manuel Pino García is negative since the activities carried out violate national security, public order and social tranquility in Colombia", as indicated in the resolution of Migration of Colombia.

For the Venezuelan Government, the Colombian measure is considered as a violation of the international conventions that govern the matter, therefore it has granted Perez Villamizar 48 hours to leave Venezuela.

The bilateral measure of expulsion of both officials takes place amid tensions between Caracas and Bogota and at a time when Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accuses his Colombian counterpart, Ivan Duque, of planning violent actions and destabilizing plans against his country.

In this sense, the Colombian president has repeatedly insisted to the international community to "corral" the Administration of Maduro.


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