Politics 15-05-2018

Venezuela signs electoral agreement with Russia

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela signed an agreement with the institution in charge of the elections in Russia and expressed its satisfaction for the accompaniment that this country will carry out in the electoral process of next May 20.

"We are happy today [on May 15] with the agreement that we renewed since it is the genuine expression of true cooperative relations between peer organizations in the shared search the best electoral practices conditions of equality respect and autonomy so welcome is this exchange "said the president of the CNE Tibisay Lucena in statements offered to the press.

The signing of the agreement of which no further details were provided was made remotely through a video call between the president of the Russian Central Electoral Commission Ela Pamfílova and Lucena who signed the document simultaneously.

Prior to signing the agreement Lucena read a brief statement in which he stressed that the institution he represents will not admit interference from other nations.

"The National Electoral Council does not accept and will not allow gross foreign interference that pretend to condition supposed knowledge and much less suspension of elections in Venezuela" he said.

In addition Lucena trusts that the countries that have indicated that they will ignore the presidential elections respect international laws and the decision of Venezuelans.


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