Politics 09-11-2018

Venezuelan Foreign Minister calls for strengthening ALBA against US attacks

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza urged the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America (ALBA-TCP) to strengthen this cooperation mechanism to face the US aggression.

"The ALBA exists, it is more alive than ever, in our towns, in social organizations, here and in many parts of the world, we must strengthen it in all its dimensions to face the plans of aggression of the North American empire," said Arreaza in the network social Twitter.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister recalled that this alliance is an original and Bolivarian project that was born as a response to the "unipolar" world.

On November 8, the 17th regular meeting of the Political Council of ALBA began, which takes place in Managua, Nicaragua, which will run until November 9.

This meeting is held to analyze the current regional context and perspectives for 2019, as well as defining actions and lines of work for the next two years from the Executive Secretariat of ALBA-TCP.


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