Politics 28-11-2018

Vice President of Ecuador: there are interested in generating crisis and political chaos

The vice president of Ecuador, María Alejandra Vicuña, denied on the night of November 27 that she had unduly charged a former collaborator when she was an assemblyman and assured that there is an interest in generating a political crisis in the country.

"Nobody has ever conditioned income or permanence and less stability work to pay not a single centThrough a systematic campaign is intended to affect the government and me in particularWho benefits from this situation ?: to those who want to create political chaos, political crisis in the country, "said the vice president in a press statement in Quito.

On the night of November 26, a local media outlet made public a sworn statement by lawyer Ángel Polivio Sagbay Mejía, who says he worked with Vicuña between June 2011 and May 2013, first as an administrative assistant and then as an advisor.

According to the statement of Sagbay, presented at a notary office in Quito, in the first year he had to deposit 300 dollars per month in the current account of Vicuña and when he was promoted to adviser, the contribution went up to 1,400 dollars a month, contributions requested directly by Vicuña for the Alianza Bolivariana Alfarista party, of which is its militant, to give him the position.

Vicuña assured that all the contributions for that political group and for Alianza País, the governing party of which she is a co-founder, are carried out by the militants as well as all the political organizations, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Democracy.

"The contributions have always been transparent, they have been recorded, there are no contributions below the table," he said.

Vicuña affirmed that the former Sofia-Espin (from the political bloc of former President Rafael Correa, 2007-2017), before being dismissed from her post by the National Assembly, approached an assembly member of the governing bloc to tell her that he had an affidavit of a former collaborator that involved the Vice President of the Republic.

According to Vicuña, Espín would have requested that as Vice President of the Republic "she had to operate to avoid her dismissal" or else she would make the affidavit public.

Espin was dismissed from his post for visiting a protected witness of the Prosecutor's Office in the case investigating former President Rafael Correa as the author of the kidnapping of politician Fernando Balda.

Vicuña added that Sagbay will have to respond to justice "for lying under oath," and assured that since September he threatened to forge the accusation if he did not yield to the demands of charges, including governor of the province of Morona Santiago and provincial director of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS) in the same province.

When referring to the complaint against Vicuña, President Lenin Moreno said Tuesday through his Twitter account that the necessary conditions for justice and independent functions have been created, and that the competent authorities will determine whether or not the facts of the cases exist. that Vicuña is accused.


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