Politics 28-11-2018

Vladimir Putin said he hopes to meet with Donald Trump in Buenos Aires: "He has a positive attitude"

The meeting of the presidents, parallel to the G20 agenda, was questioned by the US president after an incident that confronted Russian naval forces with Ukrainian ships.

Preparations for the meeting of the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the United States, Donald Trump, during the G20 summit in Argentina, continue in march, in spite of the declaration of the American leader on its possible cancellation.

"I hope to be able to talk to Trump in Argentina ," Putin said at a financial forum in Moscow on Wednesday. " I hope we can discuss the trade barriers, Trump has a generally positive attitude ."

In turn, government spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said: " Preparations are continuing, the meeting has been agreed, we have no other information from our American colleagues ."

The Kremlin responded to rumors of cancellation of the meeting between the leaders of Russia and the US after it was suggested by Trump himself in an interview with The Washington Post .

“Maybe he does not have the meeting (with Putin), maybe he does not even have the meeting, I do not like that aggression, I do not want that aggression at all ," Trump said, commenting on the recent incident between Russian and Ukrainian naval forces in the strait. of Kerch, which ended with the capture of Ukrainian ships.

The US president said he was waiting for a "full report" from his security team about the event , which will help him "decide things."

The response of the Kremlin

" We have taken note of that statement, " the Kremlin spokesman said, noting that it is not clear what Trump has called "aggression".

" If you describe the actions of the Ukrainian military ships as aggression, it is one thing, it can be discussed whether or not it has been, but if it refers to the actions of the Russian coastguards to prevent the attempted violation of the Russian border, it is And we do not agree with that, "said the Kremlin spokesman.

Trump and Putin are planning a bilateral meeting in Buenos Aires, where both will attend this Friday and Saturday summit of leaders of the G20, which would be their first meeting since the bilateral meeting held in July in Helsinki.

More emphatic than Trump was the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who condemned Monday the "aggressive Russian action" and asked Moscow to hand over to Ukraine the "ships and their crew members detained."

Russia maintains that the crew of the Ukrainian ships incurred a violation of the Russian territorial waters and must be held accountable for that conduct before the Russian Justice.

A Crimean court on Tuesday left in custody for two months to 12 of the 24 sailors imprisoned on Sunday in the Black Sea and is expected to take the same measure against the other crew.


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