Economía 02-08-2017

Wall Street opens higher and Dow Jones reaches 22,000 points for the first time.

Wall Street opened on Wednesday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its main indicator, rose 0.28% and surpassed for the first time the barrier of 22,000 points driven by the rise in Apple shares.

A little more than half an hour after the start of operations, the Dow Jones was up 62.34, to 22,026.26 after closing the previous day with a record of 21,963.92.

Meanwhile, the selective S & P 500 remained almost flat, rising 0.02 units, to 2,476.37 and after having spent a few minutes in red.

For its part, the Nasdaq composite index was up 0.12% or 7.85 points and stood at 6,370.79.

After staying on the 22,000 mark, the Dow Jones hit that milestone just after the opening of the session on Tuesday.

It did so mainly thanks to Apple, whose stock soared at this time more than 5% after surprising positively with its results.

The technology giant has the largest market capitalization, gained $ 8,717 million in the third quarter of fiscal year, nearly 12% more than in the same period last year, and cleared investors' doubts about the good make its latest iPhone model.

Apple, the technology sector (up 0.56%) was pulling Wall Street on Wednesday, where it dominated the red with clear cuts for telecommunications companies (-0.43%), raw materials (- 0.41%) or those of public services (-0.32%).

Among the 30 Dow Jones shares, Apple clearly led gains with a 5.12% gain, followed by McDonald's (0.77%), Boeing (0.71%) and United Technologies (0.66%).

On the other side of the balance were Verizon (-1.25%), Disney (-1.07%), Cisco Systems (-0.52%) and Microsoft (-0.47%).

Over the last few days, the good quarterly results released by many US companies have allowed Wall Street to peak at record highs in the Dow Jones.

In other markets, Texas oil rose to $ 49.19 a barrel at this time, gold fell to $ 1,275.90 an ounce, ten-year government bond yields rose to 2.257% and the dollar lost against the euro , Which was changed to $ 1,1834.