World 19-12-2018

Young and old protest in Paris for government reforms

Paris, the capital of France, returned on Tuesday to be the scene of protests against the reforms of the French government, led by President Emmanuel Macron.

This time, the streets were occupied by retirees and students who, separately, denounced the reforms, which negatively affect their lives and future.

Thousands of retirees gathered in front of the Economy Ministry to protest against retirement in old age and increase taxes based on their retirement income that is about to be launched with a new reform.

For their part, the students condemned new reforms that take place in French secondary schools, calling them "unfair" and insisting that they create even more inequality among those who want to continue their studies at the university.

Many students are angry with a new selection platform called 'Parcoursup' for admission to the university, which, according to the young people, is based on the geographical state, preventing the poorest students from the suburbs of the city from entering prestigious universities. in urban centers.

These protests occurred after the manifestations of the "yellow vests" entered its second month. This movement began a series of massive calls against the fuel price hike for 2019 and quickly spread throughout the country, forcing Macron to backtrack on its policies.


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