Economy 26-10-2018

Colombian peso reaches record depreciation against the dollar

The Colombian peso depreciated against the dollar at its maximum this year to lose 17.31 units against the US currency, which was not recorded since 2016.

According to the Colombian Stock Exchange, at the end of the day, 3,170 pesos were paid for each dollar, the new minimum for the year and a value that was not reached since November 25, 2016, when the US dollar ended at 3,173. pesos.

The Market Representative Rate was 3,149 Colombian pesos for each dollar, which represents a progressive devaluation of the peso registered since October 23.

During the day, the dollar was quoted at an average price of 3,167 pesos, after the market was alert to the decision on interest rates of the European Central Bank, which maintained its opinion that the economy is balanced.

The opening of the US dollar was 3,155 pesos in the day and on the day there were 1,641 transactions for an amount exceeding 974.7 million dollars.


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