Politics 25-08-2020

Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba requests Nobel Peace Prize for Medical Brigade

The organization Campaña Dominicana de Solidaridad con Cuba joined the clamor of some twenty international bodies to request the Nobel Peace Prize from the Henry Reeve Medical Brigades, for their work in the fight against Covid - 19.

This institution sent a letter to the President of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Wilhelmsen, requesting that this award be awarded to him.

They recalled that "for decades" innumerable amount of "Dominican doctors, educators, athletes, writers" have received free educational training on the Cuban island, with the sole purpose of returning to their country to contribute to their own development, unlike others. nations that provide training in exchange for working for them.

In the document, the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba also highlighted the humanitarian work in health matters that doctors have carried out in the world “they have carried out 600,000 missions in 164 countries, involving nearly 400,000 health professionals”.

He also pointed out that the brigades have been present in the More Doctors program in Brazil, as well as they have been ready to serve the indigenous communities of Bolivia and Venezuela.

To this statement, the organization also added the documents of the Frente Amplio and Fuerza de la Revolución parties, as well as various trade union, cultural and religious organizations that join the petition.

ICS Press / Source: Telesur

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