Politics 21-08-2020

"Duque returns to infamies to divert public opinion"

While the Colombian government suffers harsh criticism for its lack of action to stop the murder of social leaders, Iván Duque blames Venezuela.

The Colombian president says that Caracas protects the armed groups responsible for these crimes.

This Thursday the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, given the continuity of the murders of social and human rights leaders, blamed Venezuela for what happened.

This position was taken after harsh criticism against him for managing to manage peace and protect citizens. The opposition rejects these allegations.

For its part, Venezuela says that everything is due to a game of blaming third parties and diverting public opinion from the truths that occur in Colombia.

The guarantors of peace, Cuba and Norway, had sent a letter to Duque to fully implement the peace agreement, the pact that was reached after more than half a century of armed conflict, and President Duque, as promised in his electoral campaign, want to modify. However, while the modifications are being sought, the increase in the number of murders does not stop and the danger of increased violence, due to the discontinuity of peace negotiations with the ELN guerrillas and the eventual empowerment of FARC dissidents who have returned to the weapons overshadow the country.


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