World 21-08-2020

Ecuador announces pilot plan to return to classes despite Covid-19

The Committee for Emergency Operations (COE) of Ecuador is evaluating today the pilot plan designed for the progressive return to face-to-face classes in this country, hit by Covid-19.

'We are going to approve the general plan for progressive return that will have different regulations for urban and rural areas depending on the traffic light, in coordination with the cantonal COE and also with some pilot projects,' said the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo .

The initiative includes a test phase in two educational centers, one located in the north of the capital and the other in Guayaquil.

Although the plan should begin in about two weeks, the authorities plan to analyze this day issues related to infrastructure and adequate health protocols to reopen schools.

The return to face-to-face classes will be optional, one day a week and with a maximum of one third of the regular staff for each school.

However, the announcement of the national COE was rejected by Guayaquil authorities, especially by Mayor Cynthia Viteri, who warned of the closure of institutions that admit students into classrooms.

However, the national COE maintains that incorporation into the pilot project requires approval, prior compliance with the requirements established for that purpose.

In the case of the rural sector, the coordination will be done with directors of the parochial boards and representatives of the students.

Since last March, when the health emergency began due to the new strain of coronavirus, schools closed and classes were held virtually in the Sierra and Amazon regions.

Likewise, in the Coast and Galapagos the 2020-2021 school year began on July 15, in a non-face-to-face way.

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