World 22-08-2020

Firefighters fight to contain 560 fires in California, USA

Firefighters today continue their fight against the flames in the US state of California, where some 560 forest fires forced the evacuation of 119 thousand people and left at least six dead.

Although 12,000 firefighters are currently working to contain these incidents, which burned a total of 900,000 acres, more than 10 major fires continue to spread, especially in the north of the territory.

The group of claims known as L.N.U. The Lightning Complex in Napa Valley, contained only 15 percent, destroyed 560 buildings, many of them Vacaville town homes, and burned nearly 315,000 acres, making it the second largest fire in the history of the city. California.

In turn, the C.Z.U. The Lightning Complex, which forced the evacuation of 77,000 people in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, has already covered 63,000 acres, consumed nearly 100 buildings and is five percent contained.

Meanwhile, east of Silicon Valley, the S.C.U. The Lightning Complex, made up of roughly 20 fires, grew to nearly 300,000 acres, mostly in less populated areas, and is now the third largest in state history.

According to Governor Gavin Newsom, California is putting everything it has to face the flames, but indicated that this was not enough and that he asked for help from other territories in the country and Australia.

Just one day ago, I announced that we were fighting to address the needs to put out some 376 fires in this state. That number has risen to about 560 fires, Newsom said at a news conference Friday.

Forecasters from the Bay Area office of the National Weather Service warned that there could be more dry thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday, bringing a dangerous combination of lightning and wind to the region.

Many of the fires affecting California began last weekend, when an extraordinary number of more than 12,000 lightning strikes were recorded in the state.

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