World 04-07-2018

Government of Nicaragua calls everyone to peace and reunión

The Government of Nicaragua insists on working for the justice of the people so that the calm returns to the Central American country, affected by the opposition violence.

The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, made a call on Saturday "to peace and reunion among Nicaraguans" so that everything returns to the peace that was registered in the country before last April.

Similarly, the outstanding official urged to "overcome the hatred promoted by extremist violent groups," who have caused the death of several people, despite the call for peace made by the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

In addition, he asked that during the weekend it be allowed to resume normalcy in the country so that Nicaraguan families "can have a respite", with more security and in the framework of peace reconstruction.

"May the spirit of God be manifested in all the communities of Nicaragua that we implore God to be every day more free from violence and from any alteration to the harmony we all want," said Murillo.

Several areas of Nicaragua are the scene of violent acts carried out by radical opposition groups since April 18. This wave of violence arose on the pretext of a series of measures adopted by Ortega on the pension system, decisions that werelater repealed , while the Nicaraguan president called for dialogue.

The country's Truth and Justice Commission reported on June 25 the death of 194 citizens in violent acts despite the efforts of the Government and the majority of the Nicaraguan people to restore peace to the nation.

The Police of Nicaragua arrested on Thursday a terrorist responsible for violent acts, called Óscar Antonio Rivas, accused of robbery, burning of vehicles, closures of streets, etc.

Ortega has denounced that behind the violent protests there is a "conspiracy" driven by groupssupported by the United Statesand drug trafficking.


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