Politics 24-08-2020

Maduro assures that 84% of Venezuelans repudiate Guaidó

84% of Venezuelans repudiate, reject and detest the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, said the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro this Sunday.

"Guaidó is the most detested political character in the last 100 years of Venezuelan politics," said Maduro during the program 'Here with Ernesto', broadcast on social networks.

He, adds Maduro, can believe himself president if he wants, the important thing is that in Venezuela there is an institutional framework and it will continue beyond the "stupidities of a stupid", the president has emphasized.

Likewise, he has reiterated that Guaidó himself no longer believes his own situation and that the world no longer respects him.

When asked about the reasons why the representative of the national extreme right is not imprisoned, after proclaiming himself interim president of Venezuela 578 ago, the head of state maintained that this answer is the responsibility of the Prosecutor's Office, the Public Ministry and the courts.

However, he made it clear that the day the Prosecutor's Office and the Courts order the arrest of the coup leader Guaidó, "my pulse as head of state will not shake to comply with the orders of the Judicial Power and the Public Ministry," he said.

Guaidó, considered a puppet of the United States, is involved in several disputed cases, such as his relationship with Colombian drug traffickers and receiving money from Odebrecht, the Brazilian company involved in corruption, to finance his activities that seek to overthrow Maduro.

Trump, frustrated by the failure of his strategy against Venezuela

In January 2019, Guaidó proclaimed himself "president in charge of Venezuela" with the backing of the United States, but after a year and seven months he has not achieved his goal of overthrowing the Maduro government.


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