Health 22-08-2020

More deaths from Covid-19 in Uruguay and alerts against parties

Uruguay reported today for the second consecutive day a fatal victim of Covid-19, to add 42, three days after a traditional festive celebration, potentially propagating that has concerned authorities in vigil.

The daily report of the National Emergency System also detailed 10 new cases of which six correspond to Montevideo and two in each of the departments of Canelones and Rivera, with 226 active patients.

Faced with these relatively low figures, the secretary of the presidency, Álvaro Delgado, warned hours ago that 'we cannot lose everything we have won in one night', alluding to the traditional Nostalgia, on August 24.

The official purposefully exchanged a press conference with the Ministers of Public Health, Daniel Salinas; and from the Interior, Jorge Larrañaga, in which they shared the concern about that nightly appointment and exhorted the entire population not to attend any dance venue or private party.

Delgado emphasized the importance of everyone staying home on such a risky day for health and Salinas not gambling on what he gained in an effort to control the pandemic for 162 days.

For his part, Larrañaga recalled that an exhaustive police operation will be carried out to disperse possible clandestine parties, which they stressed are totally prohibited and for that purpose 1,858 troops and 672 vehicles will be deployed to carry out the controls.

'We are going to request that when a party is held, it should cease, because otherwise we will demand the intervention of the Prosecutor's Office because the crime of contempt can be configured by proceeding with the corresponding intimation because it is well known that the parties are not authorized' , he remarked.

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