Politics 13-08-2020

Poll: Biden Has 71% Chance Of Defeating Trump

A new poll estimates that former Vice President Joe Biden has a 71% chance of winning the US presidential election.

A poll published Wednesday by FiveThirtyEight, an American website that focuses on the analysis of opinion polls, gives the candidate for the Democratic Party to the US Presidency, Joe Biden, a 71% chance of winning the elections as opposed to 29% of the current US president, Donald Trump.

Biden is eight points ahead of Trump. The former vice president, according to various polls, surpasses the New York tycoon in five of the six most important states when it comes to the presidential race, namely: Florida (5.2 points), Wisconsin (6.2 points), Michigan (7 , 4 points), Pennsylvania (6.3 points) and Arizona (3.4 points).

The FiveThirtyEight inquiry is the first poll to be published following the election of California Sen. Kamala Harris as Biden's running mate heading into the November presidential election.

The results also show that Biden's advantage over Trump far exceeds that of Hillary Clinton over the White House tenant in the 2016 poll, in addition to Biden having greater public support.

Trump's approval of his mishandling of the new coronavirus pandemic, which causes COVID-19, as well as his administration of the economy, which was previously one of his strengths, falls to a new low, with only 32 % of Americans supporting his management.

"54% in the US, dissatisfied with Trump's management of COVID-19"

However, despite the numbers, everything seems to indicate that the elections will get tougher and it is very likely that Trump will gain some advantage in a closed election due to the Electoral College.


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