Health 13-08-2020

Strong rebound in coronavirus cases in Spain: 2,935 in 24 hours, almost double those notified yesterday

The data coincides with the dissemination of an urgent communication in which several professional medical associations denounce that the measures to control the transmission of the virus in the country are being insufficient.

The health authorities have notified 2,935 new coronavirus infections diagnosed during the previous day, and a total of 70 deaths in the last seven days.

The number of infections practically doubles that registered 24 hours before, which did not reach 1,700 new positives, and marks a new record in the framework of the data collected since the end of the state of alarm in Spain, on June 21.

Madrid, with 842 new cases; the Basque Country, with 545, and Aragon, with 418, appear as the most affected territories in the country.

By incorporating these figures, the accumulated total of infections in Spain since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 337,334, and the deaths recorded already rise to 28,605.

They warn of the risk of collapse

The update of these data, which in relative terms represent a significant upturn in cases, coincides with the urgent statement released this Thursday by several Spanish medical associations, which warn that "the measures that are being taken are not sufficient to control the transmission of infection "and expose the possibility of a new collapse of the country's health system" in the short or medium term. "

"If the situation continues like this and if new measures are not adopted to tackle it, there is a high probability of once again facing situations as serious as those experienced during the state of alarm", the health professionals specify in their note.

This message has been later qualified by the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, who assures that in Spain, at this time, "there is no imminent risk of health collapse."

Source: RT

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