Politics 17-08-2020

UN Human Rights Office in Colombia condemns massacres in Nariño

The UN Human Rights office in Colombia on Sunday repudiated the recent massacre that took place in Nariño in which several young people lost their lives at the hands of armed people.

The instance also criticizes other events that occurred recently in the country, such as the murder of two minors found on August 10 between the limits of the Cauca and Nariño departments. In this regard, he called on illegal groups to respect people's integrity.

He added that they are following up on the investigation of the events by the judicial authorities.

In addition, they point out that "a prompt and effective investigation must be responded to to prosecute those responsible and with preventive actions to protect the life of the communities in the Nariño mountain range."

In addition to the UN through its Human Rights office in Colombia, several voices have been raised this Sunday on social networks to demand peace and justice in the country. Some point out the inefficiency of the Government of Iván Duque, while others account for how violence has increased in the country.

This week, according to local media, about 16 citizens have been killed in different actions. In most cases they were very young or underage people.

Source: Telesur

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