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Venezuela has five treatments available to combat the coronavirus

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported that the South American nation has five treatments available for the treatment of patients with Covid-19.

"Here I have the 5 treatment modalities of the coronavirus according to world standards, scientific and international protocols to the experience that we are accumulating," said the president while thanking the international cooperation that Venezuela has received to combat the new coronavirus .

During a working day, broadcast by the State channel, Venezolana de Televisión, the Head of State exhibited some of the treatment kits that are supplied to patients with Covid-19.

He pointed out that due to the blockade imposed by the United States against Venezuela, he did not publicly show all the treatments, since they could be the subject of new persecutions and blockades.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, explained that in the world there is still no cure, but in Venezuela protocols and health alternatives have been established to reduce the effect of contagion.

Among them, he highlighted the total isolation of symptomatic and asymptomatic patients to cut the chain of contagion, the intake of abundant fluids (water, juices, hot infusions), to keep those affected hydrated.

In the same way, he has recommended the regular taking of sun rays, to help the body to create defenses through food and supplements of vitamins of natural origin.

Venezuela has also established free medical care on a permanent basis, the diagnosis of pre-existing diseases and adapting the treatment according to the clinical history of each patient to avoid possible complications.

Similarly, health authorities guarantee the supply of oxygen as the most proven element to care for patients with Covid, along with the application of different groups of drugs that have proven their effectiveness in the world.

Free medical care

Alvarado explained that asymptomatic patients without previous diseases are treated with chlorophin and another drug, which are used separately according to studies of the reduction of viral load and the patient's immune response.

For the asymptomatic phase, 80 or 100 milligram aspirin is given for its anticoagulant effect, which reduces the possibility of creating tops. Likewise, the intake of vitamin C is recommended.

In people who have mild symptoms, he explained that they have a kit with the same medications as the previous one, but also incorporates antivirals, Interferon alfa 2b, which is brought from Cuba and azithromycin.

In patients with mild symptoms but at risk, which are generally people over 60 years of age and with morbidity factors, health authorities include an anticoagulant other than aspirin.

He also added that for symptomatic cases with respiratory deficiency, they provide steroids for the inflammatory phase and guarantee the use of oxygen.

For the most serious patients or in intensive therapy, in addition to providing steroids to reduce infections, immunomodulatory procedures, recovered plasma and monoclonal antibodies are added.

The Minister of Health, reiterated that in Venezuela all treatments, as well as medicines are guaranteed free of charge by the national public health system.

Finally, President Maduro reiterated his call to the public to maintain preventive measures to avoid the contagion of Covid-19 and in case of presenting any symptoms, or if they were in direct contact with a positive patient, go immediately to the care centers.

"The coronavirus has treatment, it can be treated if we do it on time, compatriots if we diagnose it quickly and we treat it quickly in all cases," he concluded.

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