Health 22-08-2020

Venezuela receives 73 tons of medical supplies from the EU

Venezuela received 73 tons of medical supplies, technological material and biosafety, as part of the humanitarian aid carried out by the European Union in coordination with government authorities to fight Covid-19.

Among the endowments, they received medicines, vaccines for various pathologies, equipment for the protection of hospital medical personnel, equipment for water sanitation and other supplies.

This new humanitarian endowment will help Venezuela increase its capacity to diagnose the new coronavirus and will also serve to strengthen the prevention protocols carried out by the Caribbean nation.

The Vice Chancellor of Venezuela for Europe, Iván Gil, thanked the governments of Spain and Portugal, member countries of the European Union, who made the donation.

“This new contribution that happens to add with everything that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has received, from its friends and partners (China, Russia, Turkey, the European Union, among others) 1500 tons of medical supplies and materials for protection during the pandemic ”he detailed.

For his part, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator, Jan Harfst, pointed out that this international body, through its specialized agencies and the Secretary General, are working to offer effective responses to the new pandemic that affects all of humanity.

"The WHO, Unicef, OCHA, bring this humanitarian assistance to be distributed to the most vulnerable groups, who are the most affected by the pandemic and by the economic situation facing the country," said Harfst.

Also the representative of the European Union in Venezuela, Duccio Bandini, assured that they have facilitated the arrival of this humanitarian material to the country as part of the fight against COVID-19.

"This has been possible thanks to the efforts of the Europe team, in this case led by ECO, with the support of Spain and Portugal and of all humanitarian partners in the country with which the need for cargo has been coordinated," Bandini concluded.

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