Health 21-08-2020

With a new record of cases, Covid-19 without truce in Argentina

Record of infected and fatal victims, Covid-19 continues without truce in an Argentina with a quarantine more than five months ago, today more relaxed, where a greater number of people are palpable on the streets.

Despite the call of the Government and the president himself, Alberto Fernández, due to greater individual responsibility, the nation continues in the so-called peak of the pandemic and this week the figures grew dramatically to 8,225 new cases in less than 24 hours , the highest since the so-called patient zero was reported in March.

The number of infections rises to more than 320 thousand throughout the country. Although unlike other nations such as Brazil, this country has managed to control the situation to a great extent, which gave time to strengthen health centers, but the rise in infections puts pressure on the occupation of beds in hospitals, especially in the area intensive care.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health indicated that there are 1,832 cases in intensive care units, with a percentage of occupancy of adult beds of 58.6 percent in the country and 68.7 percent in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area . But if the numbers of sick patients continue to grow, there is fear of a possible collapse.

The 8,225 infections reported the day before surpassed by 562 the maximum recorded last Wednesday with 7,663 infected, a worrying fact especially because very few are complying, at least in the capital, with the quarantine.

This is also revealed by the number of passengers traveling on trains and buses in the capital, with an increase of five to 16 percent, respectively.

According to data from the Buenos Aires government, in the last week two and a half million people were mobilized, which is equivalent to 36 percent of the people who did so on a regular day prior to the isolation measures.

While some provinces are already in the phase of distancing and even resumed the school year, in others the Covid-19 continues to hit, as in this capital, the province of Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Chaco and Río Negro, where the authorities appeal for responsibility. to prevent cases of community transmission from deepening.

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